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Hi , am Keshav Bhatt i have published lots of apps in ubuntu software
centre before and i will keep it up , but am facing problems due to rude
behaviour of your app reviewers , they never show up there and due to that
reason my apps are not published / reviewed ! They take months to review a
single app. I have currently 4 apps under review and i uploaded them 3
months ago . believe me no one will give shit and wait for your reviewer to
publish apps ! i mean the process should be fast if you want pop up lots of
apps in your software centre . People want apps lots of apps and that's the
reason  why people go back to windows and other platform !  i have asked
lot of my friends who only complain about presence of application/useful
apps on Ubuntu/Linux .

So , my humble request to you is make a move and check why they act so rude
to app publishers i mailed you here cause non of em ever replied to my
mails twitter etc , i talked to Alan Pope , Michael Hall etc regarding this
but both of them said they got nothing to do with that and they don't
control that etc

Please respect developers am not only talking about me cause am not a
professional in this field am a 19 years old who learned programming just
to make some apps for ubuntu cause i was sick of windows users saying where
is Facebook app for ubuntu , where is whatsapp , where is messenger etc :D
i have developed lots of apps and am currently working on lots of future
projects too , my all apps are exclusively developed for ubuntu/linux and i
think making apps for ubuntu can make a lil difference and make windows
users stay here keep using ubuntu.

thanks hope you will take action on this and update me soon !
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