[Design] Announcing the App Design Guides

David Planella david.planella at ubuntu.com
Wed Feb 13 20:29:16 UTC 2013

We’re thrilled to announce one of the most expected resources for Ubuntu
app developers: the App Design Guides.

The [App Design Guides site][] is the first installment of a live
resource that will organically grow to provide guidance and enable app
developers to build stunning, consistent and usable applications on a
diversity of Ubuntu devices.

Together with the Ubuntu SDK preview, the App Design Guides complete yet
another chapter in the Ubuntu app developer story. Developers have now
the tools to create beautiful software, along with all the information
related to UX, behaviour, patterns and visual design to ensure their
apps provide a solid, clean and enjoyable user experience.

And consistent with the Ubuntu philosophy and our beliefs, all of these
tools and guides are available to everyone as open source and for free.

[Show me the Ubuntu App Design Guides! ›][App Design Guides site]

Updating the core app designs for Ubuntu App Guides compliance

We have recently kicked off a [community-driven process to design and
implement a set of 12 core apps for Ubuntu running on phones][]. The
first stage of the project consisted in asking community members to
participate in the submission of designs to be used as input and food
for thought for the core app developers.

The response so far has been overwelming: **over 50 community
designers** signed up for this initiative, submitting **nearly 90
mockups** on the [Ubuntu MyBalsamiq site][] we set up for this project.

Following the App Design Guides go-live, it is now a great opportunity
to ensure those designs follow the guidelines for a consistent app
experience on Ubuntu. Therefore, we’d like to ask everyone who submitted
a design to review them and update them to make sure they are inline
with the App Design Guides.

*Reminder: if you want to collaborate in this design project, just drop
an e-mail to David Planella
\<**david(dot)planella(at)canonical(dot)com**\> and Michael Hall

Open design and collaboration

Continuing with the trend of open and collaborative design, we want to
hear from you!

The Guides are a resource that will grow together with the needs of app
developers, so we’ll greatly appreciate your **feedback** on the [Ubuntu
Phone mailing list][] (remember to prepend the subject with `[Design]`)
and if you’ve got any **questions** about them, [just ask on Ask

Stay tuned for updates and for some visual designs for core apps from
the [Canonical Design team][] coming soon!

  [App Design Guides site]: http://design.ubuntu.com/apps
  [community-driven process to design and implement a set of 12 core
  apps for Ubuntu running on phones]:
  [Ubuntu MyBalsamiq site]:
  [Ubuntu Phone mailing list]: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-phone/+join
  [just ask on Ask Ubuntu]:
  [Canonical Design team]:

David Planella
Ubuntu App Development Liaison
http://gplus.to/dplanella / @dplanella
www.ubuntu.com / www.davidplanella.org

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