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Jesse Smith jessefrgsmith at
Sat Oct 22 12:36:48 UTC 2011

 >> >>  Is there a lot of good free software that is in software-center, 
but not in the Ubuntu repos?

 >>  Not that I know of. Part of the charter of the ARB is to get any 
new, interesting software into Debian asap.

With all due respect to the Debian developers, one of the big things 
that attracted me to the Ubuntu Developer Portal was the idea that there 
is a formal and, relatively, fast way to get software reviewed and into 
a repository. I've had projects that have been confirmed to meet 
Debian's packaging guidelines and that have been sponsored by a 
maintainer just sit for months waiting for a DD to commit them. One of 
them has been waiting for years.

For me, as a developer, one of the big attractions to Ubuntu's approach 
is the idea that there is a formal queue which will probably be 
processed in a timely manner rather than Debian's "whenever we feel like 
it and if we're interested" approach.


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