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Mario Kemper mario.kemper at
Sun Dec 11 12:05:23 UTC 2011

Hi Allison,

> > I remember the idea of "developer's success stories" that was mentioned
> > during UDS-O. Do we already have some of them, e.g. an application that
> > was moved from Software Centre-only into the official repos?
> The "News" app, accepted to Extras in Maverick, was renamed to "Tickr"
> and is now in Debian, sync'd to Ubuntu Precise, and in Ubuntu Backports
> for Oneiric and Natty.
> The game 4digits was submitted to MyApps, but since it was previously
> packaged in Debian (later orphaned), we revived the Debian packaging
> instead of putting it in Extras, and made the 4digits developer the
> primary Debian maintainer. It was accepted by the Debian Games Team, has
> been sync'd to Ubuntu Precise, and we may submit it for backports for
> Oneiric and Natty.

Thanks for the information. 

> > That would be great. My software (Shutter - a screenshot taking
> > application) is heavily out-of-date in Debian and a bit out-of-date in
> > Ubuntu. I would be glad to become responsible for my own package. Any
> > hints are welcome.
> Fridays are our "office hours" for the ARB, hop on #ubuntu-app-devel,
> and we can help untangle it. I know Ryan Niebur (he does a bunch of Perl
> stuff, and helped out on the Parrot packages a while back), I'll
> introduce you. Looks like the last time he updated the shutter package
> was April 2010, so it may be technically "orphaned" and able to be
> adopted. The first step is just to ask him.

Thank you very much for your help. Ryan already responded and he will
update the package.

But I would like to point out that my primary reason for posting here
was not because I wanted to complain about my personal problems. I still
think that it is way too hard to get a newly developed into Ubuntu (or
Debian) in comparison with other platforms (like Android).

See details here:

The Software Centre looked like a promising way to make it easier for
all of us. Even though I like the community-centred culture, but why
should an application developer be introduced to the "right" persons
first (the Debian package maintainer in this case) in order to get his
software into Ubuntu or into Debian.
>From my point of view, the Software Centre and the MyApps-Concept has a
much bigger potential than it reveals in the way it is currently used.

Please don't take my words the wrong way. All the work related to the
developer platform is really much appreciated.



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