Announcing the Release Candidate for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Thu Apr 22 16:32:15 BST 2010

The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the Release Candidate for Ubuntu
10.04 LTS (Long-Term Support) Desktop and Server Editions and Ubuntu 10.04
LTS Server for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) and Amazon's EC2, as well as
Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition.  Codenamed "Lucid Lynx", 10.04 LTS continues
Ubuntu's proud tradition of integrating the latest and greatest open source
technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-use Linux distribution.

We consider this release candidate to be complete, stable, and suitable for
testing by any user.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Edition and Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition continue
the trend of ever-faster boot speeds, with improved startup times and a
streamlined, smoother boot experience.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server Edition provides even better integration of the
Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, with its install-time cloud setup.

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Server for UEC and EC2 brings the power and stability of
the Ubuntu Server Edition to cloud computing, whether you're using Amazon
EC2 or your own Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud.

The Ubuntu 10.04 family of variants, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Ubuntu
Studio, and Mythbuntu, also reach beta status today.

The final release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is scheduled for 29 April 2010 and
will be supported for three years on desktops and five years on servers.

Before installing or upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, please review the
instructions and caveats in the release notes:

In addition, there are a small number of known bugs in the release candidate
that will be fixed before the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS release, but warrant
highlighting for your attention:

About The Release Candidate

The purpose of the Release Candidate is to solicit one last round of testing
before the final release. Here are ways that you can help:

 * Upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 LTS or Ubuntu 9.10 to the Release Candidate by
   following the instructions in the release notes referenced above.

 * Participate in installation testing using the Release Candidate CD
   images, by following the testing and reporting instructions at

Desktop features

Social from the start:  We now feature built-in integration with Twitter,, Facebook, and other social networks with the MeMenu in the panel.

New Design: Cleaner and faster boot, new notification area, new themes, new
icons, and new wallpaper bring a dramatically updated look and feel to

Ubuntu One: Synchronize any folder in your home directory, publish files to
share with the Internet directly from your Ubuntu desktop, manage more sync
settings with the Ubuntu One Preferences application, use Rhythmbox to
choose from millions of songs available for purchase in the Ubuntu One Music
Store.  Learn more at:

Server features

Cloud computing:  The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud installer has been vastly
improved in order to support alternative installation topologies. UEC
components are now automatically discovered and registered, even when
the storage controller, cluster controller and walrus are installed on
different servers. Finally, UEC is now powered by the latest Eucalyptus
version 1.6.2.

UEC and EC2:  Ubuntu 10.04 LTS continues the tradition of official Ubuntu
Server image releases for UEC and for Amazon's EC2, giving you everything
you need for rapid deployment of Ubuntu instances in a cloud computing
environment. UEC images, and information on running Ubuntu 10.04 on EC2, are
available at:

Stability and security:  Ubuntu 10.04 LTS brings many improvements over
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to keep your servers safe and secure for the next five
years, including AppArmor profiles for many key services, kernel hardening,
and an easy-to-configure firewall.

Ubuntu Netbook features

Ubuntu Netbook Edition is optimised to run on Intel atom based netbooks. It
includes a new consumer-friendly interface that allows users to quickly and
easily get on-line and use their favourite applications. This interface is
optimised for a retail sales environment.

It includes the same faster boot times and improved boot experience as
Ubuntu desktop.

Ubuntu Netbook on ARM

The ARM optimised variant of Ubuntu Netbook comes with a lightweight
application selection tailored specifically for ARM deployments, including a
web-based office and mail solution and a launcher that works with and
without graphics acceleration.

Kubuntu features

Kubuntu 10.04 LTS will be the first LTS to feature KDE 4 Platform and
Applications.  KDE 4 has come a long way since its early releases and is now
suitable for the high demands of LTS users.  Being an LTS we have focused on
bug fixing and stability for this release, but we did find time to add
features such as touchpad configuration, Firefox KDE integration, Kubuntu
notification improvements, and cross-desktop systray menu standardisation.
Kubuntu features the Plasma Desktop while Kubuntu Netbook Remix comes out of
preview status with the Plasma Netbook workspace.

See for more details.

Edubuntu features

Edubuntu 10.04 includes many new features, updates and fixes. Some

LTSP and the Ubuntu Netbook Remix interface can now be installed from the
Live DVD right after system installation. The disc also features Live LTSP,
which allows you to try out LTSP without making any permanent changes to
your machine.

New and updated software, including a new menu editor for menus that can be
applied to user profiles. GBrainy is a new program in the Edubuntu suite
that excercises your brain.

A new icon theme which uses more descriptive icons, a new wallpaper and boot
splash screen as well as more subtle window theming that is easier on the

Mythbuntu features

Mythbuntu 10.04 introduces MythTV 0.23.  This new version is significantly
faster and should feel more responsive and stable than older versions.  It
also integrates better into the OS with better support for things like
ConsoleKit and Upstart.

Please see for more details
about changes introduced in 0.23.

See for information about the Mythbuntu
beta release.

A more complete tour of the features new in 10.04 LTS can be found at

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a full-featured Linux distribution for desktops, laptops, netbooks
and servers, with a fast and easy installation and regular releases.  A
tightly-integrated selection of excellent applications is included, and an
incredible variety of add-on software is just a few clicks away.

Professional services including support are available from Canonical and
hundreds of other companies around the world.  For more information about
support, visit

To Get the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release Candidate

To upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release Candidate from Ubuntu 9.10 or Ubuntu
8.04 LTS, follow these instructions:

Or, to perform a new installation or try out 10.04 LTS "live" from CD,
download the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release Candidate here (choose the mirror
closest to you):


    * (Botswana)
    * (Lesotho)
    * (Mozambique)
    * (Namibia)
    * (South Africa)


    * (India)
    * (Japan)
    * (Kuwait)
    * (Russian Federation)
    * (Russian Federation)
    * (Saudi Arabia)
    * (Turkey)


    * (Bulgaria)
    * (Croatia)
    * (Denmark)
    * (Estonia)
    * (Finland)
    * (France)
    * (Germany)
    * (Germany)
    * (Iceland)
    * (Ireland)
    * (Italy)
    * (Netherlands)
    * (Norway)
    * (Poland)
    * (Portugal)
    * (Romania)
    * (Slovakia)
    * (Spain)
    * (Sweden)
    * (Switzerland)

  North America:

    * (Canada)
    * (Canada)
    * (United States)
    * (United States)
    * (United States)
    * (United States)


    * (Australia)
    * (New Zealand)
    * (New Zealand)

  South America:

    * (Brazil)
    * (Brazil)
    * (Brazil)

  Rest of the world: (Great Britain)

Please download using Bittorrent if possible.  See for more information about
using BitTorrent.

Feedback and Participation

If you would like to help shape Ubuntu, take a look at the list of ways you
can participate at

Your comments, bug reports, patches and suggestions will help turn this
Release Candidate into the best release of Ubuntu ever.  Please note that,
where possible, we prefer that bugs be reported using the tools provided,
rather than by visiting Launchpad directly.  Instructions can be found at

If you have a question, or if you think you may have found a bug but are not
sure, first try asking on the #ubuntu IRC channel on FreeNode, on the Ubuntu
Users mailing list, or on the Ubuntu forums:

More Information

You can find out more about Ubuntu and about this preview release on our
website, IRC channel and wiki. If you are new to Ubuntu, please visit:

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very low volume announcement list at:

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