Call for translations for Dapper using Rosetta

Jordi Mallach jordi at
Fri May 26 18:47:09 BST 2006


This week, we imported the last missing translation domain for Dapper and
thus, you should be able to translate any package in Dapper's main 
component using Rosetta.

There are a few VERY IMPORTANT packages for translation, these should
now show up at the top of the list when you select your language on
that page. It is most important to get the installer translations done
before Monday 29 May, as those bits cannot be updated with language
packs after release. On Monday, we will generate the final language packs
that will be included in the Dapper release; any translation added after
that day will be available with the language pack updates.

There are still a few rough edges, but by and large Rosetta is all set
for regular, rolling language packs during the life of Dapper (which
will be 3 years on the desktop and 5 on the server). So it's absolutely
worthwhile contributing translations and continuing to work on getting
Dapper to 100% for your language!

The Launchpad/Ubuntu team has been working in several new features and

 - As already announced by Martin Pitt[1], we are creating daily language
 packs so you can test your translations faster. We will do this for a few
 days, then once the release is finalised we will set a regular, 
 predictable language pack

 - The “Language status” pages[2] now include all the available translation
 domains, and even if your language still doesn't have any translation, you
 will see the whole list of resources to translate.

 - We implemented basic sorting for priority support to note what's more urgent
 to translate and thus, the language status page[2] will first show the high
 priority translation domains. We are still improving the list of priorities,
 and you will see some changes soon; if you have any suggestion, please,
 mail us[3].

 - KDE packages are now imported into Rosetta and work exactly the same
 as other packages in Ubuntu.

 - Bogus translatable resources were not imported (no more review-* or
 deprecated-* templates in Dapper).

What's next?

 - We are working on a script that will migrate any translation in
 Breezy to Dapper so you don't need to activate them by hand from the
 suggestions you get.

 - Edgy will be open with all translations from dapper imported. You will
 be able to translate from the beginning of the development cycle.

 - We will have a fixed schedule about language packs updates. It will be
 done monthly and we will announce the schedule as soon as we agree on it
 so you can plan your translation efforts with a target date for any new
 translations you produce to be "live" for all users in that language who
 get regular network updates.

 - Generate language pack updates with all translations we
 got and integrate them into the usual language pack release schedule.

I would want to say thank to you, the translators, for all the input
and the patience you had. Without it, Rosetta wouldn't be at the level
it's at the moment.

Thank you and enjoy your translations!

Jordi Mallach

[3]mailto:rosetta at

Jordi Mallach                               
The Rosetta Translation Portal   
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