Ubuntu 4.10 reaches end of life on 30 April 2006

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 28 19:27:28 BST 2006

On October 20th, 2004, Ubuntu announced its first public release, version
4.10.  This release was accompanied by a commitment to ongoing security
updates for a period of 18 months, which has been reflected in the
comprehensive set of Ubuntu Security Notices issued since that time. The
support period for Ubuntu 4.10 is now nearing its end, and Ubuntu 4.10 will
officially reach end-of-life on April 30th, 2006.  At that time, Ubuntu
Security Notices will no longer include information or updated packages for
Ubuntu 4.10.

The supported upgrade path from Ubuntu 4.10 is via Ubuntu 5.04.
Instructions and caveats for the upgrade may be found at
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HoaryUpgradeNotes.  Note that upgrades to version
5.10 and beyond are only supported in multiple steps, via an upgrade first
to 5.04, then to 5.10. Both Ubuntu 5.04 and Ubuntu 5.10 continue to be
actively supported with security updates and select high-impact bug fixes.
All announcements of official security updates for Ubuntu releases are sent
to the ubuntu-security-announce mailing list, information about which may be
found at https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-security-announce.

The Ubuntu 4.10 release changed the landscape of the Linux desktop.  Quickly
gaining popularity in homes, schools, businesses and governments around the
world, Ubuntu is now widely considered the Linux desktop of choice.  Ubuntu
6.06, due to be released on June 1st, 2006, will mark a new milestone for
Ubuntu. Aimed at organisations with long-term and large-scale free software
deployments, Ubuntu 6.06 is a robust and reliable platform that will be
actively supported with security updates and high-impact bug fixes for a
period of 3 years on the desktop and 5 years on the server.

Questions regarding this announcement may be directed to info at ubuntu.com.

 - mdz

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