Edubuntu 5.10 Released

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Edubuntu 5.10 Released

13 October 2005

The Edubuntu team is proud to announce the first Edubuntu release
Edubuntu 5.10. 

The Edubuntu 5.10 release consists of an Install CD for the PC (Intel
x86) ad 64-bit PC (AMD64) architectures. 

Edubuntu is a flavour of the Ubuntu Linux operating system, which is
optimised for classroom use. It has been developed in collaboration with
teachers and technologists around the world. The aim of Edubuntu is that
an educator with limited technical knowledge and skill should be able to
set up a computer lab, or establish an on-line learning environment, in
an hour or less, and then administer that environment without having to
become a fully-fledged Linux geek. This is our first step towards that

Principal design goals of Edubuntu are centralized management of
configuration, users, and processes, together with facilities for
working collaboratively in a classroom setting. Equally important is the
gathering together of the best available free software and digital
materials for education. 

Edubuntu is built on top of the solid and stable Ubuntu base, and
incorporates the LTSP thin client architecture, as well as
Education-specific applications, aimed at the 6-18 age group. It also
aims to allow resource poor environments to maximise their available
(older) equipment. 

Based on Ubuntu, the new Edubuntu features a fast and easy install,
regular releases, a tight selection of excellent packages installed by
default, any other package you can imagine available from the network,
and a commitment to security updates for 18 months after each release.
We will also be pursuing establishing a network of professional
technical support from companies around the world as Edubuntu grows.

To get Edubuntu 5.10

Download Edubuntu 5.10 here (choose the mirror closest to you): 

      * United States  
      * Europe 
      * United Kingdom 
      * Rest of the World  

Note:  Please download using Bittorrent if possible. 

Note that the CD images are larger than 650MB, so you will need to
ensure you have 700MB blank CDs and a burner capable of using them. 

About Edubuntu 5.10

Highlights of Edubuntu include: (much of what Ubuntu now offers, with
some variations and additions) 

      * On the Desktop 
              * A set of selected educational apps including
                     a. most of the kdeedu suite 
                     b. gcompris 
                     c. scribus desktop publishing 
                     d. blender 3D modelling 
                     e. dia diagram editing 
                     f. and lots more ... 
              * Fresh, colourful artwork for the desktop 
              * Full ltsp client functionality by default 
      * On the Server 
              * Standalone Classroom server installed by default, based
                on the brand-new Ubuntu thin client infrastructure
                developed in cooperation with LTSP. 
              * Simple NFS root setup with automatic hardware detection
                through initramfs-tools 
              * Support for up to 4 gigabytes of RAM by default on
                32-bit architectures 
              * Kernel support for cluster filesystems (OCFS2 and GFS) 
      * Installation 
              * Automated installation of the thin client environment by
              * Easy installation of the ltsp server by default with as
                few questions as possible 
              * Optional workstation install for standalone workstations
                (just type "workstation" at the CD bootprompt) 

As with Ubuntu, Edubuntu includes the very best of the 100% FREE / LIBRE
application software world, and each new release incorporates countless
new features and bug-fixes from the global development community. 

Edubuntu 5.10 Installation Notes

The default Edubuntu install works a bit different from a default Ubuntu
install, please see for
known issues, hints for the installation and post installation

Community Feedback and Participation

If you would like to help build and shape Edubuntu, or just find out
some more about the project, take a look at our site: 

Your comments, suggestions, bug reports, patches and artwork
contributions will help us to make Edubuntu the best educational distro

Please report any bugs you find through Bugzilla: 


If you have a question, or if you think you may have found a bug but
aren't sure, first try asking on the #edubuntu IRC channel on FreeNode,
and/or on our Edubuntu-Devel mailing list: 


We welcome feedback and help with making the next version of Edubuntu.

 Comments can be left on this wiki page


You may also contact: Jane Weideman janew at 

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