Kubuntu Preview Released

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Thu Mar 17 21:35:01 CST 2005

First Kubuntu Preview Released [17 March 2005] 

The Kubuntu team is pleased to announce the preview of their first
release. Kubuntu is a new distribution using the solid base of Ubuntu
and the stunning KDE 3.4 desktop. This release follows the preview
release last week of Ubuntu 5.04. The final release of Kubuntu 5.04
will be on April 6th. The preview release includes both install CDs
and bootable Live CDs for three architectures.

There are CD images of the preview release in both Install and Live
CD format for Intel/x86, PowerPC and AMD64 here: 


Kubuntu is a KGX distribution for the desktop or the server that
includes all of Ubuntu and comes with the latest KDE. We are part of
the Ubuntu community and use their infrastructure and support. Our
mission is to be the best KDE distribution available. As with Ubuntu
our releases will be supported for at least 18 months after release. 

This preview release includes the latest KDE 3.4, released only
yesterday. KDE 3.4 brings many improvements including the excellent
KPDF reader, advanced groupware support in Kontact Personal
Information Management Suite and Kopete instant messenger plus HAL
support for removable media. We also include the feature packed amaroK
1.2 music and Kaffeine 1.5 video players. 

Kubuntu would not be possible without the support of some major Free
Software contributors: 

 * KDE for the best desktop environment there is. 
 * Debian's KDE Packagers for sorting KDE the Debian way. 
 * Ubuntu for their infrastructure and support. 
 * Basse and Konqi for taking the time out of their busy schedules for
   an exclusive Kubuntu photo shoot. 

You can find out more about Kubuntu and about this preview release on
our website, IRC channel (#kubuntu on freenode) and wiki. Our website
is currently at: 


Our user's mailing list can be subscribed from: 


To sign up for future Kubuntu announcements, you may subscribe to
Ubuntu's very low volume announcement list at: 


We welcome feedback on this release which you can leave on this wiki


Make sure to check our known problems page if you encounter any


 Chris Halls <chris.halls at credativ.co.uk> (England)
 Andreas Mueller <amu at ubuntu.com> (Germany)
 Jonathan Riddell <jr at jriddell.org> +44 (0)7941 938912 (Scotland)

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