New Ubuntu Artwork Team

Benj. Mako Hill mako at
Thu Jul 14 16:13:28 CDT 2005

The first bite is with the eye and Ubuntu is no exception. Even it's
brief history, Ubuntu's graphical presentation has earned a reputation
for catching people eyes. ;)

However, in order to continue and to build and improve upon this high
standard of artwork, Ubuntu is going to need to harness the power of
the community to help build and promote artwork both for the upcoming
"Breezy Badger" release and beyond.

Because the current artwork efforts have been largely ad-hoc and
uncoordinated, the community council approved the creation of a new
"Artwork Team" to handle all the pretty pictures in the Ubuntu
project. This will include things like icons, splash screens,
wallpapers, the calendar and much more.

Aaron "Volvoguy" Waite has graciously volunteered to act as the interim
contact and coordinator for the artwork team.

If you're interested in getting involved, the best way to start is to
joint he new artwork mailing list by visiting this URL:

If you've got an artistic eye and you want to get involved, sign up on
the list and introduce yourself or contact Aaron if you have specific


Benjamin Mako Hill
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