Ubuntu Website Look'n'Feel Contest

Jeff Waugh jeff.waugh at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 18 02:05:17 CST 2005

Ubuntu Website Look'n'Feel Contest

Today we are announcing the most exciting competition since Willy Wonka put
heavy metal in chocolate bars and purged rude children with coloured sugar.

No, we're not giving away gold tickets for a trip to the ISS, although that
would be cool... We're giving YOU the chance to give www.ubuntu.com a total
look'n'feel makeover, so it can be the most attractive *and* usable project
website EVER!

Canonical is sponsoring the competition, offering a US$1000 first prize for
the winning design!

Competition Guidelines

 * Goal: We're looking for a fantastic, new look'n'feel for the current
   www.ubuntu.com site, which is based on Plone 1.

 * Entries do *not* have to be completed Plone skins! You may send mockup
   images, html+image samples, or if you really want to, an example Plone
   skin. They will all be judged equally - we're looking for an innovative
   look'n'feel more than ability to create Plone skins. :-)

 * Designs should cover as many Plone widgets and structural elements as
   possible, so we know how to apply it to a complete skin. See the first
   documentation link below for more about this.

 * Entries must be entirely your own work, or based on clearly licensed,
   credited, DFSG compatible works. The final website look'n'feel may be
   based on a combination of entries.

 * Entries must include the Ubuntu logo. :-)

 * Send your entry to jeff.waugh+webcomp at ubuntu.com or simply reply to this

 * Entries close on January 31st, 2005.

 * sabdfl's judgement of the competition is final, even if he polls the
   community for input. :-)

Documentation and Resources

Here's some documentation and inspiration to get you started with Plone


  http://plone.org/documentation/howto/creating-custom-skins (Plone 2)

  http://plone.org/development/teams/ui/p2uicookbook/ (Plone 2)

  http://www.ploneskins.org/ (for inspiration, mostly Plone 2)

Thanks, and good luck!

- Jeff

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                     - Chris Gregory, Desktop Magazine
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