Announcing Kubuntu 5.04

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Apr 8 02:30:38 CDT 2005

= Announcing Kubuntu 5.04 =

The Kubuntu team is proud to bring you our first release hot on the
heels of Ubuntu's Hoary Hedgehog.

Kubuntu brings KDE to the Ubuntu world, creating a GNU/Linux
distribution from the solid base of Ubuntu and the world leading K
Desktop Environment. Kubuntu comes with the latest KDE 3.4 and the
promise of 18 months support.

"With Ubuntu we had the opportunity to make the distribution that KDE
deserves, in Kubuntu we have now done that" said developer Jonathan

Ubuntu's founder Mark Shuttleworth said "KDE is a profoundly important
part of the open source world - it's popular with both end users and
developers and is one of the key pieces in the battle for the future
of the desktop. I'm very excited to support this community effort to
get KDE into Ubuntu."

== About Kubuntu ==

Kubuntu is the result of several months effort to get KDE 3.4 into
Ubuntu's main repository and create the first major derived Ubuntu
distribution. It is not a fork of Ubuntu but an official project of
it, sharing the same package archive and infrastructure. It is
possible to convert an Ubuntu system to Kubuntu or vice versa.

Highlights of KDE 3.4 include the groupware manager Kontact 1.1, the
multi-protocol instant messenger Kopete and the excellent KPDF
reader. As well as official KDE applications Kubuntu also features the
finest pick of leading Free Software desktop programmes.

KDE's default settings have been tweaked to Ubuntu standards while
remaining true to KDE. Changes include sudo support, an uncluttered
desktop and a tidied K-Menu for applications. Kubuntu developers come
from the KDE and Debian communities and improvements are sent back to
the original projects. Kubuntu would like to thank the KDE developers
and Debian KDE packagers for their excellent work.

 Features of Kubuntu 5.04:
 * KDE 3.4
 * HAL support for removable devices
 * Ubuntu-powered out of the box hardware configuration
 * office suite
 * Gwenview image viewer
 * amaroK music player
 * K3b CD and DVD burner
 * Konversation IRC chat
 * Kaffeine video player
 * Also available as a live CD

== How to get Kubuntu ==

Kubuntu comes in Live CD or Install CD versions available for x86,
PowerPC and AMD64 platforms. It can be downloaded from:

Please download by Bittorrent if possible.

Users with existing Kubuntu installations can upgrade to the final
hoary with dist-upgrade. Existing Ubuntu users can install Kubuntu
with the kubuntu-desktop package.

== Feedback and Helping ==

We welcome feedback and help with making the next version of Kubuntu.

Comments can be left on this wiki page

Any known problems can be found at

Please report any problems through Bugzilla.

If you have a question try asking on the #kubuntu IRC channel on
freenode or the mailing list

Finally if you want to help improve Kubuntu please come and join us.

== Contact ==

For more information about Kubuntu visit our website:

Press contacts:

 Chris Halls <chris.halls at> (England), 
 Andreas Mueller <amu at> (Germany), 
 Jonathan Riddell <jr at> +44 (0)7941 938912 (Scotland)

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