Warty Live CD Released

LaMont Jones lamont.jones at canonical.com
Wed Oct 27 17:27:28 CDT 2004

Greetings Ubuntu-Announce readers,

Ubuntu 4.10 -- Warty Warthog -- released on October 20th and has
gotten great feedback so far. The Ubuntu Team is now pleased to
announce that the companion Warty Live CD is released as well!

The Live CD contains a snapshot of everything in the Ubuntu 4.10 but
in a bootable trial form. It will allow you to try out Ubuntu before
installing it, without repartitioning or overwriting any existing
software or data. To use it, just place it in the drive and reboot
your computer. It also contains a small collection of Free and Open
Source software shipped in Ubuntu that you can install on your Windows

The Live CD is only available for Intel and compatible "i386"

You can get it from one of the follow locations:

Direct download:

LaMont Jones and the Ubuntu Team
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