AULT_001 meeting protocol

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Fri Oct 29 17:16:04 BST 2010

Dear All;
This is meeting's protocol, I will send pdf and odt file asap.


Afghanistan Ubuntu Loco Team
Members Meeting

Code: AULT_001
Date: 25/10/2010 Monday
Start-Time: 01:00pm
End-Time: 02:00pm
Place: ITCH-Meeting room
Presented by: Mr. Mohammad Sadeq Zabihi, leader of Afghanistan Ubuntu
Loco Team (AULT)

Attendants: Mr. Hamid Rahman Mohmand, Mahjube Jami-ul-ahmadi, Sayeda
Nazary, Ghani, Abdullah Hamidi, Hasen Islami, Hamid Reza Zarsazan,
Waheede Hamkar, Lalah Azar, Anita Afzali, Ali Ahmad Faqiri and Massoud

Written by: Sayeda Nazari

Mr. Sadeq Zabihi started the meeting with an overview to history of
open source operating systems and applications in Afghanistan and
Herat city.
Some informations about different efforts and endeavor applied to this
area specially according to Ubuntu operating system, activities of
Hubuntu community and its related projects, influence of this group to
faculty of computer science and Herat university were given

He mentioned that the meeting is established to announce and
congratulate the success of becoming a member of the Ubuntu Loco as
Afghanistan Ubuntu Loco Team and readiness of the team for acceptance
memberships from all around Afghanistan.

He also manifest the team code and responsibilities for supporting
every efforts according toward open source in whole country.
Some tasks and projects introduced for the start time, under future
plans and framework, and members chose them according to their
schedule and interests.
Creating personal wiki pages, launchpad accounts and joining to the
mailing list were advice for all members.

Finally they have been asked for opinions, ideas and objections; Mr.
Mohmand expressed his cheers and greets about this successes and
growths. He said that he hope success of this team between “loco

No                             Task
Resposible Person
1 Improving Afghanistan Loco team wiki page Sadeq Zabihi, Hamid Mohmand
2 Plans for official website Sadeq Zabihi, Massoud Asgharzada
3 Localization team Dari Sayeda Nazari, Waheede Hamkar
Pashtu Ghani, Hamid Mohmand
4 Mailing list moderator Mahjube Jami-ul-ahmadi
5 Customization and package repository team Hamid Zarsazan, Abdullah Hamidi,
Anita Afzali, waheede hamkar
6 Forum moderator Hamid Mohmand
7 IRC channel moderator Hasen Islamy
8 Coordination and documentation Sadeq Zabihi, Sayeda Nazari
9 Education project Lalah Azar, Sayeda Nazari
10 Social network team (Facebook, Twitter) Ali Ahmad Faqiri

Best Regards
Sadeq Zabihi

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