[Ubuntu-AE] Local Ubuntu Mirror

Akshay Lamba akshay at lambaweb.com
Tue May 27 16:12:08 BST 2008

Sofian Rahmani wrote:
> So, 3 so far? I was thinking about making it a lecture rather than a
> get-together, what do you think?
Few tips that I learnt across the years for any such gathering:

1. Don't make it a formal thing
2. Expect someone turning up in jeans and a t-shirt (or informal 
variations of that)
3. Expect someone to take care of themselves and make themselves comfortable
4. Expect someone to sit in groups, take out their laptops and start 
talking to each other in loud voices!
5. Expect someone to jump up on the stage and start an impromptu speech 
on any topic
6. Expect someone to jump the speaker and drag him down if they don't 
agree with him
7. Assume an average IQ level of a 120 (too high??) in the room, don't 
bore them with "intro to" speeches (unless its a beginners conference)

8. Most importantly - make it worth their time! (Sometimes this 
translates to a goody bag when u have nothing else to offer)

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