Martin McCormick martin.m at suddenlink.net
Thu May 4 12:39:48 UTC 2023

This thread was originally started by another list member in
2020, went a few comment rounds and died.

	The ISP we currently subscribe to provides us with email
support which, when it works, is adequate but they have been known
to make major changes without telling us in advance, insist they
made no changes and then it is impossible to communicate with any
live person who really knows anything.

	The employer I have been retired from since 2015 is a
university and they now provide email service for free to alumni
and former employees plus I would get my old work email address
back if I can make it work.

	The catch is that it is Microsoft office365-based.

	I setup an account and have an address now which works
but I haven't yet gotten my end of things to work as I do not
want to buy Microsoft office and use outlook if I can help it.

	Another possibility is thunderbird with owlforexchange.

	owlforexchange is a payed app.

	It sounds like evolution would let me download mail from
my inbox at the university and then I could use another email
client to read it and fold it in to the unix world that I really

	There is a document on line from the University of Texas
that describes how they configure evolution and it's the same as
what we do here.

	The 2020 discussion on this list was mostly that
evolution and gnome didn't play nicely together from the
accessibility standpoint.

	The box I am running gnome on is running Debian bullseye
and is a 1-year-old HP Rizen system which I finally got to stay
awake all the time in gnome with the mate terminal.

	I actually like to use nmh but that's getting pretty old
these days but each email message is a text file so one can read
stuff that is over ten years old without running in to
proprietary formatting issues most of the time.

	So, it boils down to I would like to use this
locally-managed free email service run by folks who are helpful,
knowledgeable and will probably be here long after I am departed
 if I can in case the ISP
decides to kill off what I am using since new cable subscribers
do not get email.  I am paranoid these days every time there is a
slight hiccup.

	As an unrelated comment, I used a thumb drive to install
and it talks more or less fine but the only sound that works
after you reboot is via the hdmi port since the on-board sound
chip set doesn't seem to have a driver.

Martin McCormick	Amateur radio	WB5AGZ

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