installing ubuntu with speakup

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Mon Feb 6 21:07:21 UTC 2023

Thanks, I can always do another clean install, but it doesn't appear the speakup module is there after the install, at least I am unable to find it in the module list, and modprobe doesn't seems to be able to find it either

>From the output it appears espeakup is also looking for it and wasn't able to, thus asking if someone has step-by-step instructions to make sure I didn't missed anything

Thanks again 😊


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It may be time to install fenrirscreenreader.  That or replace ubuntu with another distribution.
You can get much cleaner output by appending 2>&1|tee -a espeak.log to each command then read down through espeak.log once you finish getting all of these failures.  The ansi codes get stripped out that way.

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