speakup temporarily missing from ubuntu kernel

jdashiel at panix.com jdashiel at panix.com
Wed May 11 18:28:44 UTC 2022

I'm curious.  Given this situation when it happens in future when someone 
fails to enable and start speakup would it be possible for an error message 
to speak on the sound card at substantial volume?  When a bug got fixed 
enabling speakup to work in the kernel could the code that caused the error 
message to speak be removed as part of what happened when the kernel got 
updated with a working speakup piece in it?  Such a feature would make what 
I do with Linux easier.  If I heard a message like that, I would try 
installing fenrir as a stop gap measure and using that for console login.  
Though I can work in a graphical environment when speech is running things 
can happen to graphical environments that make them unuseable.  With a 
console environment I'll have already logged in before running startx and 
bringing up the graphical environment and in that way I have a better 
chance my computer won't turn into a paperweight with only a graphical 
environment on it.
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