Espeak large problem

Vojtech šmiro vsmiro at
Sat Jan 15 11:58:38 UTC 2022


I|ve played again with Espeak variants. In Ubuntu or Debian on Intel PC 
Espeak variant Female 2 works correctly. In Ubun tu Mate 20.04 for 
Raspberry Pi don't work. I have to quit Orca, restart Speech-dispatcher 
and Espeak-ng and launch Orca again. In Ubuntu on PC variants crash, but 
work again, but it divides words. Is some way to repair it? Annie, or 
other NVDA variants work, only Females have problems. I didn't test 
Males. When variants crash in Raspberry Pi, I press send button and send 
bug. Today I sent two bugs to Ubuntu.

Thanks a lot and take care.

Best regards


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