accessing a Linux OS on external drive

K0LNY_Glenn glenn at
Thu Dec 8 22:15:19 UTC 2022

I never see any messages come through this list, so I hope I'm not the only 
one on this list.
I have a question on accessing a USB drive in Ubuntu running in a VM.
So I have an old Asus with only a 4GB internal HD, and I installed Debian 
11.5 on an attached USB drive, because I could not get a desktop installed 
onto 4GB.
It runs good, the desktop is a bit slow with firefox, but other than that, 
it does what I need.
I just received a fast 32 GB SD card, and I am wanting to use DD to copy the 
USB partitions over to the SD card.
The USB drive is a 64 GB USB stick, which I partitioned into two 32 GB 
partitions, and used Rufus to put DVD 1 of Debian onto, then I booted to 
that, and installed Debian onto the other 32 GB partition of the USB stick, 
and as mentioned, works okay, but the SD card would be faster and less 
But when I boot to the Ubuntu and plug in the drives, it sees the SD card, 
but not the USB partitions.
I did
sudo lsblk
and it only shows /dev/sda and its partitions, and /sdb and /sdb1, which is 
the partition on the SD card.
I've tried
sudo mount -a
but that didn't change things.
And disks in the desktop menus only show the two VM drives, and the SD card.
Computer in places is the same.
I am wondering what I'm doing wrong, or not doing.
I don't think there is a way to copy the partitions on the USB drive while 
they are in use, that is why I'm trying this in Ubuntu.


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