ebook-speaker 6.1

Jos Lemmens acjlemmens at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 18:23:36 UTC 2021


On my site http://jlemmens.nl I released ebook-speaker 6.1.
This version has some bug-fixes: 

6.1	Bug in option d solved.
	Bug in command 'b' (in OPF books) solved.
	The config-file ~/.eBook-speaker.xml is now reread everytime
	the 't' command is given.
	Force english output using setlocale () when an external
	command like amixer or pactl is executed.
	Command 'A' and 'd' now takes in account the current level.
	Added the new keyboard-command 'w' to store the whole book to
	disk in WAV-format.

Thereis also a .deb package file for amd64.
And Pranav Lal has made a .deb package file for the armhf cpu. 

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