difference in WI-FI between Ubuntu and windows

Glenn K0LNY glennervin at cableone.net
Sat Mar 21 01:33:04 UTC 2020

Hi All,
Maybe someone might shed some light on the difference and possible reasons for this situation.
I have an Intel NUC 5PPYH, which has 8GB of RAM.
I'm running windows 7 professional, and I also use Ubuntu 18.04 on it.
It uses an Intel WIFI chip inside and recently in Windows, I have been dealing with buffering problems with iHeart radio, whether it's on my Amazon Echo or with the computer.
The Echo is only about a foot away from the computer, not sure if I can change that.
But when I boot to Ubuntu, the Echo works great without any of the buffering, and I get a good WIFI connection in Ubuntu, although I just haven't tried streaming iHeart with Ubuntu.
And when I put Windows to sleep, the Echo does not buffer.
So I think that it is either them being so close, or there's another reason why Windows isn't getting along with the Echo, and when Ubuntu works fine.
They are on two different bands on my router, the Echo is on the 2ghz connection and the Intel NUC is on the 5 ghz, both in Ubuntu and windows.
But I don't know why if it is the proximity, why there is no problem in Ubuntu.
I did not install any drivers specifically for the WIFI, for Ubuntu, I let the Ubuntu use what it usually chooses, and the Windows I installed it from Intel's automatic driver install, which finds the right driver for your Intel product.
So one would think a generic driver in Ubuntu would be worse.
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