Please forward, and thanks so much (fwd)

milton milton at
Wed Mar 11 18:33:48 UTC 2020

I think maybe he has gnome in stead of unity, he can heck it out in the 
terminal, type:


Op 11-03-2020 om 17:52 schreef Jude DaShiell:
> I'm doing what I can to help Ray out with this.  Apparently his version of
> ubuntu removed the gnome-classic option which is why he's having this
> trouble.
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> Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2020 12:46:11
> From: Ray Jackson <riverwind at>
> To: Jude Dashiel <jdashiel at>
> Subject: Please forward, and thanks so much
> Hi All,
> I've recently purchased a linux box from Think Penguin, and I find that orca is
> highly dysfunctional. I am not able to review the contents of the menu very
> effectively, and gnome is virtually inaccessible, although orca seems to work
> just fine in the terminal.
> when I saught to ascertain the version of linux on this machine, all I was able
> to get was "buster-sid." Older vions of linux used to have a menu that was
> accessed by alt-f1. In this menu one could shut down the system, access liber
> office, systems, networks and many other menu items. Well, this menu doesn't
> even seem to even exist anymore. This system cost me $700, and I would very much
> like to have a machine that is at least as functional as the system that I ran
> for years. I have been without a computer for a year and a half, and I find that
> so much has changed.
> Might I be using a version of ubuntu that orca hasn't caught up with yet? If
> this is the case, would I be better off dropping back to an older version? At
> this point, I haven't a clue as to how to proceed. Responders may want to
> respond off list so as to avoid bogarding list traffic, or if convenient, I
> would welcome a call @ 386-453-1147. Any help that anyone can give would be most
> highly appreciated. I am in rather a bind at the moment, and think penguine is a
> bit shy on their technical support.
> Sincere Regards,
> ray Jackson

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