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First, given the mumble status in accessibility and in general (qt4, qt5
etc), I srongly suggest you to run it via commandline instead of using
GUI to connect. I just use GUI for settings and audio wizard. In CLI in
a grapical terminal, to connect, I use: mumble

Once connected, just use arrows to choose the room. A dialog may ask you
for certificate, but accessible so no problem.

If you still want to use the GUI and tab does not go to Connect button,
keep in mind that the flat review triggers the mouse pointer. So once
you are on the button via the fral review (see keypad bindings for flat
review or capslock-uio jkl and nm;), then, press left click (* on the

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Le 21/05/2018 à 19:13, Daniel Crone a écrit :
> By default, is ubuntu 18.04 gnome or something else?
> I am just now using Ubuntu 18.04.
> I thought of trying mumble.
> After using control o and entering the channel information, I went to connect.
> Using the tab, I found the cancel button, and found connect using review mode with the num pad 6.
> To connect, I have tried using num pad slash, num pad 5, and other commands.
> How may I move the cursor or mouse to connect and click that button?

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