Accessibility for person with a motor disability

Thibaut Paumard thibaut at
Wed Mar 21 09:30:35 UTC 2018

Le 20/03/2018 à 17:33, Alex ARNAUD a écrit :
> Hello Thibaut,
> Le 20/03/2018 à 11:14, Thibaut Paumard a écrit :
>> Le 20/03/2018 à 10:35, Alex ARNAUD a écrit :
>>> What is as you know the most efficient way to write text with a 
>>> head-tracking software?
>> Dasher comes to mind:
> I've tested it, looks good to me.
> Is Dasher should be configured to replace the keyboard when I open a 
> text edition field? I've found how to write text but it's only from the 
> dasher window so imagine if I would like to enter text on Firefox, how I 
> can do that? Maybe there is a documentation I could look on? (I've 
> already read some documentation I've found on the dasher website).

Dear Alex,

Dasher has a "direct mode" that you can activate from le File menu. In 
this mode, you can click in a text input widget in any application and 
come back to dasher window to type text that will directly appear in 
this widget. I have typed part of this e-mail this way in thunderbird 
using dasher.

I don't use dasher on a daily basis myself, so I can't judge whether 
it's reliable or practical for daily use. For sure it does not play nice 
with mouse or sloppy focus.

Also, due to how it is implemented, direct mode works only under X11, 
not in Wayland:

So by default direct mode works in Debian Stretch (current stable), but 
not in Buster (current unstable).

Kind regards, Thibaut.

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