Accessibility for person with a motor disability

Alex ARNAUD alexarnaud at
Wed Mar 21 15:30:41 UTC 2018

Le 21/03/2018 à 15:27, Eric Johansson a écrit :
> On 3/20/2018 5:35 AM, Alex ARNAUD wrote:
>> What is as you know the most efficient way to write text with a
>> head-tracking software?
> I'm frustrated by this kind of question because frequently, this is the
> wrong question. you should be asking what is the appropriate interface
> to enable the person with a disability to write, and more importantly,
> edit text.  much of this thread has been proposing answers based on
> what's available, not what the person needs.

I understand what you mean. I just don't know what people with motor 
disability need. I'm trying to understand what it is available and I'll 
check with an association what the users use in practice. I'm in the 
first step on a long way.

> I can't use keyboards much because of a repetitive stress injury. I
> would say that the most efficient way to write text with a head tracking
> software is to not even try at all. It's the wrong tool. For many kinds
> of mobility-based disabilities (RSI, arthritis, amputation etc.) speech
> recognition would be a better tool.

Which tool are you using on your GNU/Linux distribution for doing speech 
recognition ?

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