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Tue Mar 20 15:22:25 UTC 2018

Hi Alex and all,

I can confirm Cesar's description of the functionality of eViacam as a very
objective and accurate one (despite - or thanks to - his direct involvement

I have been doing som content management for OATSoft for several years, but
unfortunately the maintenance broke down a couple of years ago because of
server hosting problems etc outside of my control. In addition to Gregg's
link to the Unified Listing <> (which is a very
comprehensive database merging data from many sources, but also a bit messy
and not specific for free software), there is also another new attempt to
replace the function of OATSoft in the OpenAssistive
<> initiative. This latter is not yet very
comprehensive as it is new and depends on user input. I suggest that we all
check out these resources and try to help adding missing bits and pieces
and keeping them up-to-date for free software solutions.

Regarding access alternative solutions for GNU/Linux there is also the
Caribou on-screen keyboard: This is a rather basic
on-screen keyboard tool. It has been developing slowly, but I have noticed
some recent activity via the bug tracker.
Unfortunately the GNU/Linux environments are badly missing a full-featured
tailorable on-screen keyboard alternative (including switch input etc.)
following up on the GOK
since it was discontinued.


Mats Lundälv

2018-03-20 10:35 GMT+01:00 Alex ARNAUD <alexarnaud at>:

> Le 19/03/2018 à 20:46, Cesar Mauri a écrit :
>> * Does head-tracking is really efficient?
>> (Disclaimer: I'm the author of eViacam and EVA Facial Mouse)
> Are you aware of differences between eviacam and GNOME mousetrap?
> However, if you mean whether is there a FOSS head tracker solution
>> available for GNU/Linux as efficient as similar products, then I would say
>> yes.
> It's exactly what I expect indeed. What is as you know the most efficient
> way to write text with a head-tracking software?
> * Do you know if there are other useful application?
>> There was a website that collected many open source assistive technology
>> software (not only for GNU/Linux). The site is now gone but could be still
>> consulted here:
> Thanks you for the link.
> Best regards,
> Alex.
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