VmWare problem

Glenn At Home gErvin at cableone.net
Tue Mar 20 13:46:21 UTC 2018

Hi Nick,
I did the control + G, and I also did the alt + control and it goes back to Windows control.
After control G, all keystrokes are silent, as they should be before speech.
I don't know about full screen mode.
One would think too, if the alt + F2 works, or any edit field, I should hear the thunk on backspace, but I don't hear that either.


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Hi Glenn,

Are you sure that Ubuntu has the keyboard focus?  If not, your 
keystrokes will not go through to the guest operating system.

I use VMWare on linux, and by default VMWare does not grab keyboard 
focus unless you either put the VM into full screen or press Ctrl+G (or 
click with the mouse somewhere inside the guest operating system's window)

So when you hear the bongos, try Ctrl+G, and then try the Orca key 
combination which is Alt+Super+S.   Orca should start speaking.


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