Ubuntu mate 17.10 mate addition and unable to read the menus.

Glenn At Home gErvin at cableone.net
Sun Mar 11 17:06:12 UTC 2018

I had this trouble with the same version on a live copy running from a thumb drive and on a laptop I had installed it to.
I just went back to 16.4.3.
But I'm glad to see that someone else had that, and it wasn't a corrupt download or something on my end.
Not that I'm glad you had the difficulty too though.

Subject: Ubuntu mate 17.10 mate addition and unable to read the menus.
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Evening all.

Running ubuntu mate 17.10 orca 3.26, and mate 1.18. The mate menus are 
silent. Pressing ault f1 gives no speach. If I launch ing the terminal 
is fine. I tried the following command with no resault. gsettings set 
org.mate.interface accessibility true. This was after I did a clean 
install and updated all packages. If anyone else has any ideas on how 
to fix this please let me know. I filed a bug on this one but wanted to 
see if anyone else has had this problem. I am running in a vm if this 


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