Introduction and question

Vojtěch šmiro vsmiro at
Tue Aug 28 17:47:44 UTC 2018

Hello all.

My name is Vojtěch Šmiro and I am from the Czech Republic. I am using 
Ubuntu systems since August 2015.

Now, I have strange problem on my older desktop. If I start to the 
system, I cannot see disks, when I open computer. I must mount them wia 
Gnome-disks. I am using Ubuntu Mate 18.04, Accessible coconut 16.04.27 
based on Ubuntu 16.04, special system for blind people and Vinux 14.04 
does it too. But only on my and my flatmate's desktop. I am afraid I 
have some virus.

And in Gnome disks, button mount and other two buttons are unlabelled.


Best regards


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