Partition sizes

Christopher Chaltain chaltain at
Tue Aug 21 23:39:34 UTC 2018

For me, I usually just go with 40G for the '/' partition, my swap 
matches the size of my physical memory and /home gets the rest.

Swap needs to match the amount of your physical memory if you're 
planning on hibernating. If you don't plan to ever use hibernation, and 
you have a lot of physical memory, like 16G, then you could get away 
with a lot less swap, if you use any swap at all.

On 08/21/2018 01:22 PM, Daniel Crone wrote:
> When installing ubuntu or other distributorstions, I usually install with default settings.
> Now I am thinking of installing Accessible Coconut, and having a system partition and a separate home and swap.
> Should I do this, how much space should each partition have?
> Is there a guide somewhere one can read?

Christopher (CJ)
Chaltain at Gmail

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