Sound muted or turned low

Nick Wood nick at
Mon Aug 20 11:54:17 UTC 2018

Hi Daniel,

When this has happened to me I usually find that removing or renaming 
the .config/pulse directory in my home folder is enough to reset everything.

Can you SSH into the machine from somewhere else, or log in as a 
different user?

I have learned to have a second user account set up so that if I mess up 
the sound on my main user I can still log in with sound to sort things out.

I guess you could boot off the live DVD, open up a terminal session and 
rename the /home/<username>/.config/pulse directory and see if that helps.



On 20/08/18 12:27, Daniel Crone wrote:
> Yesterday I messed up the sound settings in my linux system.
> Is there a way to use my ubuntu dvd I installed from in order to go in to my system and unmute or turn up my sound?
> I hear orca at log in but not after logging on.

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