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David Hunt dahunt at posteo.de
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Is there, in fact, any tab other than 'desktop icons', on the mate-tweak 
application?  If other tabs exist, such as 'keyboard', 'layout', etc, I 
cannot get to them, using the included orca screen reader.  The message 
below suggests a work-around for this problem, but I cannot do it.  I 
know how to switch layouts with a commandline, but am curious about this 



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Hello everyone, my name is mayson cabo. and hear is a quick tip for
those of you who are having trouble with mate tweek and orca. to get to
the pannel layouts in mate tweek do the following. 1. open mate tweek, 2
flat review to the top of the screen with capslock control u. then
capslock  9 to root the mouse their. then put your finger on the
touchpad of your computer and move it up a little you should be able to
hear orca say what option you are you.  if you don't hear anything, then
you have to enable speak object under mouse. then try again if you still
don't hear anything, then restart orca.

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