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I am very happy to see speech-dispatcher maintained after this sad news
of Luke's departure. Hypra will try helping as much as possible too.
Just we recommend to inform the wide community when the migration to
Github is effective, so that there is a large communicatin about it, as
it is the best way to increase contributions for maintainance and improving.

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Le 20/11/2017 à 14:24, Hynek Hanke a écrit :
> Dear Luke, Dear Samuel, Dear All,
> We in BRAILCOM are very thankful for the good work that Luke Yelavich has
> put into the Speech Dispatcher project by contributing to its development
> as well as by guiding and helping other contributors and putting their improvements
> together to produce solid and stable releases. Luke, we thank you very much
> for all of this, it was not a small thing, and we wish you lot of luck with whatever
> projects or activities you are going to pursue in the future. At the same time,
> if you ever wish to contribute again to the collective effort that stands behind
> the development of Speech Dispatcher, you are warmly welcome, do not
> doubt it.
> Samuel Thibault stepped forward and kindly offered help with maintaining
> the Speech Dispatcher project in the future. We gladly accept this offer
> as Samuel is also a long-term contributor to the project, knowledgable
> not only about its technical implementation but also about its design,
> intents and philosophy. Also to you Samuel, we thank you very much
> and we wish you that this work brings you joy.
> We understand that the time that Samuel can spend on the project
> is limited and we hope others will continue helping with their
> contributions and improvements which are indispensable for this
> collaborative project.
> We still think that Speech Dispatcher is very relevant, perhaps even more
> than before. As both speech synthesis solutions and assistive technologies
> such as screen readers continue improving, user interactions with computers
> are getting more sophisticated, the need for effective coordination of assistive
> messages are getting evermore important. The same is true for having an
> easy and effective high-level interface between ATs and speech.
> The last thing that I want to mention, we think that it would be fitting
> at this point to move the project codebase to GitHub as it would make
> it technically easier to contribute and to track issues, especially for
> new people. We will prepare this transition and coordinate on it
> with Samuel.
> Kind regards to you all,
> Hynek & the team at BRAILCOM

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