It is time for me to depart.

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Wed Nov 8 01:46:30 UTC 2017

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I write to you all to announce my 
departure from free and open source software development. GNU/Linux and free 
and open source software development has been a part of my life for well over 
a decade, some high points being my employment at Canonical for over 9 years, 
and the opportunity to maintain a free software project, Speech Dispatcher.

I care very deeply about GNU/Linux accessibility, and free and open source 
software. I strongly believe that the philosophy behind free software is key 
to a better future for this world. However, I have lacked motivation of late, 
and the current state of accessibility on GNU/Linux, as well as the lack of 
funding for it, has not helped. I also would like to spend more time on other 
tallants I have, which have been neglected somewhat until recently, and are 
more likely to bring in a source of income in the future.

I am sure I will return one day, with renewed motivation, enthusiasm, and a 
desire to contribute again. I am also sure I will be keeping watch on what 
transpires in this community, and since I will still be using GNU/Linux, I 
may still submit a bug fix from time to time for anything that I find 
particularly annoying.

I step down from my positions as Vinux lead developer, and as Speech 
Dispatcher maintainer with pride and joy at what has been achieved. I am 
sorry that I have not fully helped to realize a renewed Vinux distribution 
based on Fedora, but I am sure that no matter what direction the Vinux 
project chooses to go, it will be lead well, and received well by the 

I will be closing my patreon campaign. To those who have supported me 
financially, I thank you deeply. Your support has been much appreciated. You 
know who you are.

I am so grateful for the time I have spent in this community. I have learnt 
much, and have shared knowledge with others, and both the learning and 
sharing have always been a pleasure and a joy. It has also been a pleasure to 
talk to, and work with the free software community at large, but I would 
particularly like to thank a few people.

To Rob Whyte, leader of the Vinux project, I owe a particularly heart felt 
thank you. You have been a rock and confidant when I have needed someone to 
talk to, as well as someone who I could blow off steam with, when things have 
been rough. It has been an honour, and a pleasure, to work with, and get to 
know you. Feel free to contact me any time if you want to chat.

To everybody at Brailcom, particularly Hynek Hanke, Tomas Cerha, and Jan 
Buchal, I would like to thank for having given me the opportunity to maintain 
the Speech Dispatcher project. I had many plans to improve Speech Dispatcher, 
and I am sorry that these were not realized. I am sure the Speech Dispatcher 
project will still be relevant and developed going forward, and I am sure a 
maintainer can be found in the community. I wish that maintainer well.

I also have to thank Canonical for giving me a chance and a job. I had the 
opportunitiy to work with some wonderful people while there, and I am happy 
to have learnt so much, particularly when it comes to building and developing 
a GNU/Linux distribution.

Finally, I would like to thank the community. It has been a pleasure talking 
with you all, bouncing around ideas, discussing functionality, collectively 
digging into problems and solving them together. This last decade would have 
been for nothing if it weren't for all of us, whether we be users, 
developers, helpers, doc writers, etc. For now, I plan to exit for a while, 
and watch from the sidelines, but I do hope to return as a more active 
community member again, in the future.

I wish you all well. You will not be forgotten.

With kindest regards and best wishes.

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