Sonar GNU Linux merges with Vinux

Milton milton at
Wed Mar 15 11:59:21 UTC 2017

Hi Rob,

Great news! Will Vinux 7 based on Fedora and when will the release be 

Op 15-03-17 om 12:53 schreef Rob Whyte:
> Hi Werwoelfchen,
> It is our hope to complete our Ubuntu 16.04.2 release of Vinux 6 and
> support that whilst we work on a Fedora release.
> Hope this addresses your query sufficiently.
> Cheers
> Rob
> On 15/03/17 22:49, Werwoelfchen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Will the Vinux project finish the Ubuntu support?
>> Regards,
>> Wolfram
>> Am 15.03.2017 um 12:21 schrieb Rob Whyte:
>>> Sonar merges with the Vinux Project.
>>> and team up.
>>> Exciting news for the Sonar and Vinux communities.
>>> A special meeting was held early 2017 between core Sonar and Vinux team
>>> members. It was agreed that the two projects will be working together
>>> toward common goals. Whilst Vinux has recently indicated to move the
>>> distro base from Ubuntu to Fedora, several meetings have been held
>>> between Vinux and Sonar core members with an agreement taking place
>>> toward common goals that will freshen up both projects. Some teams have
>>> been expanded, and new teams have been created within Vinux, with the
>>> influx of Sonar developers and users. Project leader Rob Whyte said that
>>> the merge will minimize fragmentation and combine resources. Most
>>> importantly, having a larger active community will allow us to develop
>>> some visions we have had for some time.
>>> Going forward in 2017, Vinux hopes to become a not for profit
>>> organization and to step up what we can deliver to our loyal user base.
>>> Under the new arrangements, Vinux has agreed to stem into the ARM
>>> architecture, offering exciting new possibilities, and has also
>>> committed to again provide Vinux hardware, focusing primarily on ARM
>>> devices.
>>> Though mainstream distro accessibility is paramount, we believe after
>>> much consultation that a specialised distro is still required.
>>> Together with Linux-a11y, most commonly known for the active development
>>> of the Fenrir screen reader and the OCRPDF and OCRDesktop text
>>> recognition tools, Vinux has agreed to continuously push for and
>>> contribute to accessibility inclusion within main line distributions.
>>> Vinux plans to produce images based mainly upon the Mate desktop
>>> environment, but also Gnome; and builds for Arm devices, including the
>>> Raspberry Pi, Odroid XU3, XU4 and C2 and hopefully others, depending on
>>> the availability of hardware.
>>> We at Vinux are excited for this new chapter we are embracing.
>>> Kind regards
>>> Rob Whyte
>>> Vinux project manager

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