partitioning a u s b drive

Rob Whyte fudge at
Wed Mar 1 21:20:02 UTC 2017


well I use Vinux which is soon changing from Ubuntu under the hood to

I do not believe speakup is maintained anymore but if you install
speechd-up and from the terminal you can run sudo speechd-up you should
be able to use it.
This does work from Vinux not sure about Ubuntu, some Ubuntu users
install espeakup instead.

On 02/03/17 07:40, Daniel Crone wrote:
> Hello Rob.  Did not know that.  Which distribution and which desktop is your favorite?
> Also, is speakup still being maintained at all?
>> On Mar 1, 2017, at 2:30 PM, Rob Whyte <fudge at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> when you hit space on the drive, you should be given options like
>> format, ext4 and a mount point of / 'slash'.
>> Do you already know that though?
>> cheers
>> Rob
>> On 02/03/17 03:22, Daniel Crone wrote:
>>> Ubuntu 16.04 is on my computer.
>>> I want to use my ubuntu dvd to install ubuntu to a u s b drive, which has partitions that would need to be reformatted.
>>> I know that during installing, I would choose, ‘something else’, then go to sdb to do what I need to prepare this drive.
>>> How may I find out how to format this drive to a linux format?
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