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Sat Mar 19 00:25:59 UTC 2016

Of course, explaining the benefits of good subject lines, etc is most of the message, and no, you can not repeat this daily either. 
I don't like much list moderation, but do sometimes think when someone signs on to a list they should have to answer a couple or three questions 
correctly indicating that they understand what is expected from posters, and understanding that one does not reply to digest email, highjack 
threads, nor post messages with subject lines that are more or list the list's name would cover most of it.
  One thing I've only mentioned a couple or three times in my life that I find a bit annoying in most cases is digitally signing list mil. 
If you are attaching code then the sig makes some sense to me, but normally it's more clutter tht is a bit more of a bother to blind folk than to 
I was writing rather tongue in cheeck when I used the word crusade, and again I want to stress that I agree with you in that friendly suggestions are 
the way to go.
I'm done with this conversation. 

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  Christopher Chaltain wrote:
Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 06:55:08PM -0500

> I think it's OK to encourage people to use good posting practices,
> but in general, I leave this up to the moderators of the various
> lists I'm on. I definitely don't say anything though unless it's
> chronic or I don't think the person is aware of what they're doing.
> Too much list traffic on posting etiquette can defeat the purpose of
> using good posting etiquette in the first place, by adding a lot of
> off topic traffic itself.
> The other thing I do is appeal to someone's motivation. You'll get
> more people looking at your message if you use a good subject line
> and don't hijack another thread. You can only go so far in policing
> someone else's posting habits, and it's perfectly OK to delete
> someone's message if they didn't use a good subject line, hijacked
> someone else's thread, didn't spell check or whatever. There's
> plenty to read on the web and don't let someone else's poor habits
> waste your time.
> On 18/03/16 14:07, B. Henry wrote:
> >Yes, and I generally do this when I change the topic, but occasionaly do forget.
> >I also often change the subject line even when I did not change the subject myself, and even bring this up frequently enough that I sometimes worry that
> >folks will get tired of me trying to correct bad posting practices.
> >Please join me in this crusade so that there is more than one of us to
> >In the same vane many people start a conversation with a subject that gives little or no idea as to what is being discussed or what question is asked.
> >I do delete email that does not interest me when I know I am unlikely to be able to contribute any thing useful to the conversation, and often delete
> >imprecisely subjected messages.
> >More often I do answer a person once or twice and give them a reminder about making good subject lines, and sometimes I just answer, but I certainly
> >think spending a few seconds coming up with an explanatory subject for an email is the least one can do if they are asking for help.
> >
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