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Before using orca --replace, you can also try restarting Orca with the 
key sequence alt+super+s.

On 17/03/16 10:30, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> I had to do that with a mate install and it worked.  I also found once a
> system is installed when orca stops talking hitting alt-f2 then typing
> orca --replace <enter> also works.  Lots better than a three-finger salute.
> On Thu, 17 Mar 2016, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
>> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 11:25:40
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>> Subject: Installing Linux, was Re: introduction
>> Hi All,
>> I have found that when Orca stops talking during an install of Linux,
>> I can make it work by threatening to exit with alt + F4
>> Then I press escape to cancel the cancellation of the install, and it
>> is back to talking.
>> I hope this helps others.
>> Glenn------------------------------
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>> I have vinux5 installed which runs unity and found out thunderbird and
>> unity don't like each other very much.  I was able to enter my gmail
>> credentials and get to the inbox using I think it was shift-f10 inside
>> of thunderbird but haven't got email down for reading yet.  I may have
>> to install gnome but with only a gig of ram on my athelon X86_64 gnome
>> will probably crash the computer.  Inside mate to get to a terminal you
>> want to run mate-terminal since that runs faster than gnome-terminal.
>> The mate-terminal also works under unity.  Firefox works pretty well
>> from my limited use of it so far.  The chromium app isn't accessible for
>> orca at all and isn't worth messing with for now at least.  Emacs is
>> available and probably very accessible as a work environment which
>> should help cover any of libreoffice's shortcomings.  Thunderbird is
>> easily crashed over here, but then again I'm a touch typist and have
>> little tollerance for keyboard latency unless I get some kind of audio
>> indication that something I've done is being worked.  Some clicks from
>> the speaker would help in this respect but I don't know that any form of
>> Linux offers this feature that can be enabled yet.
>> More than that I don't yet know but will find out as I hack through this
>> system.
>> On Thu, 17 Mar 2016, Daniel Crone wrote:
>>> Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2016 09:44:28
>>> From: Daniel Crone <quirky.wizard at>
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>>> Subject: introduction
>>> Hello one and all.
>>> My name is Daniel, and I have used different operating systems
>>> through the years.
>>> I have decided to give ubuntu mate a try.
>>> I am very new to linux.
>>> Before starting, I welcome anyone?s words of wisdom for a totally
>>> blind user, new to linux.
>>> I liked the idea of sonar, but I have tried to install several times,
>>> and the installer never finished.
>>> But that could be due to my machine?s being so old and slow.
>>> From the dvd, sonar worked very well.
>>> I hope ubuntu will be equally good.
>>> So, hats off to all, those on the sonar team, and to all on the
>>> ubuntu team.
>>> I would really like for all linux accessibility people to benefit
>>> each other.
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