chromium orca accessibility

Christopher Chaltain chaltain at
Thu Mar 17 14:52:35 UTC 2016

I don't see the original message, but if the question has to do with 
Chromium then I'll just add that I use Chrome and ChromeVox on my Vinux 
5 system almost daily.

On 16/03/16 19:41, Jude DaShiell wrote:
> So far as I can tell, that's not ready for prime time.  I'm using unity
> and vinux flavor of ubuntu for now.  One firefox extension that would
> probably be useful for orca users is pentadactyl since that is supposed
> to make firefox easier for keyboard users to use  I didn't find that
> using aptitude or apt-cache search so figure I'll probably have to get
> it directly from mozilla's archives.  Before I do attempt to install
> pentadactyl, has anyone on this list already had experience with the
> extension or add-on they'd be willing to share?
> --

Christopher (CJ)
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