Ubuntu phones and accessibility for the blind

Michael Pozhidaev michael.pozhidaev at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 04:12:58 UTC 2016

Hi guys,

A lot of rumors appears around the Ubuntu phone, what is very great news
in itself. I'm just wondering is there any work to make this phone
accessible for the blind? Or it is already suitable now? Anyway, what is
its status regarding its accessibility for the blind?

I'm a totally blind man. Due to very serious concerns on Android's
security, I'd like to find something different. My question is mostly
about basic phone functions, including making calls, maintaining
contacts list and SMS reading, rather than general accessibility in

If there is nothing ready with that yet, I agree to participate in any
work which potentially could result in necessary features for the
blind. I'm a software engineer working on Linux for a long time, and I
would be happy to be useful. But, of cource, if there are any ideas what
to do.

Thanks to everybody! :))

Michael Pozhidaev. Tomsk, Russia.
Russian info page: http://www.marigostra.ru/
English info page: http://www.marigostra.com/

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