repairing GRUB

Glenn / Lenny gervin at
Thu Jul 21 02:34:44 UTC 2016

I have an Intel NUC, with 8GB of RAM with a 64 bit processor.
I have a dual-boot system, with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 15.
For some reason it stopped working via the GRUB boot menu.
I had adjusted it with GRUB Customizer so Windows was first, and I would only need to down arrow once for Ubuntu.
So I made a recovery live SD card with Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit.
I booted to that, and set up Orca the way I like it, and I installed the program:
and my challenge with that for fixing GRUB is that it wants me to type in a very long line starting with chroot and every time I get almost done, Orca does not cooperate because I'm switching back and forth reading and typing the command it wants.
So I installed GRUB Customizer onto the live session, and as I suspected, it does not like working from a live session, with partitions it did not boot up on.
Does anyone have any good ideas on fixing GRUB on the HD?
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