Installing Ubuntu without GRUB

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Mon Jan 11 02:41:27 UTC 2016

Brendan Perrine wrote:

> On Sun, 10 Jan 2016 13:46:51 -0600
> "Glenn / Lenny" <gervin at> wrote:
>> Hi Again,
>> I have been researching this concern, and it seems to me that I came up
>> with an idea that might work. I just don't recall the installation steps
>> to know for sure if I will get my option to do this step. I suspect that
>> my Windows partition is going to be /dev/sda1 and the empty partition
>> will be /dev/sda2. Do we get the option of which partition to put GRUB
>> onto? If so, I suspect that if I can put GRUB onto the Linux partition,
>> that I will only be presented with GRUB when I down arrow to the second
>> partition that my BIOS offers, and having GRUB there is no big deal. Any
>> thoughts? Glenn
> This may limit your options if say you forget your administrative
> passwords as many guides suggest using grub to boot into rescue mode for
> that for example

Bootable USB drives and DVDs will allow you to get at your main 
installation if necessary, as long as you have not encrypted it.  
If you have done that then you don't need my help.  

> Grub also allows you to boot to sometimes an older kernel. I don't know if
> your bios has this fucntionality.
> IF you are using the desktop installer you if you select something else in
> the installation process it will allow to chose where to install grub as
> well as many more advanced options. However you may need to know more
> about filesystems as some like xfs or btrfs are not likely to have been
> tested by the people who wrote your bios.  I would likely try to stay with
> ext4 filesystem for doing this. As some other will likely be not tested
> and could posibly have problems.
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