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Sun Aug 7 23:06:07 UTC 2016

When making isos, you supply a trunk directory ending with the slash 
character and understand all subdirectories below that trunk directory 
will be included in that iso.  I've never tried that with dd.  I've used 
a cdburn script that was put up on the speakup e-mail list several years 
ago to make isos.

This may help I was trying for script improvements and I hope I cleaned 
all of the errors I made out of it for you:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# file: cdburn - General-purpose CD burner script using cdrecord and mkisofs
notes() {
echo "0) edit dev on line 35 to point to cdrom"
echo "1) recursive copying copies all of typed directory and everything"
echo "below that typed directory into an iso image you have been warned."
echo "2) before choosing 2 on menu put disk in burner."
echo "works better that way."
echo "3) tab key works in script same as at bash prompt."
echo "4) enter anything but (1, 2, n, or x) on menu gets immediate bash prompt."
echo -e "\a\c"
echo "hit enter to return to menu->"

make_iso1() {
echo -n "Enter name of top directory for recursive copying: "
read INPUT
echo -n "Enter name of ISO file image: "
echo -n "Enter volume label: "
read VOLID
     sudo -H genisoimage -v -r -J -V $VOLID -o $ISOFILE $INPUT
echo -e "\a\c"
echo "hit enter to return to menu->"

write_data1() {
echo -n "Enter name of ISO file: "
sudo -H wodim -v -sao fs=8m $ISOFILE
]; fi
echo -e "\a\c"
echo "hit enter to return to menu->"
bail() {
     echo ""
         echo "Exitting CD burner script!"
exit 0
# Main portion
while [ "$CHOICE" = "" ] ; do
     echo "CD Burner Main Menu"
     echo ""
     echo "1 - Build ISO image for single session CD"
     echo "2 - Burn a single session data CD"
echo "n - read notes"
     echo "X - Exit"
     echo ""
     echo -n "Enter choice: "
     read CHOICE
     case "$CHOICE" in
On Sat, 6 Aug 2016, Glenn / 
Lenny wrote:

> Date: Sat, 6 Aug 2016 13:01:10
> From: Glenn / Lenny <gervin at>
> To: ubuntu-accessibility at
> Subject: making an ISO image
> Hi,
> I have been trying several different programs including the DD command, and either the program seems inaccessible with Orca, or I was not able to place my image to be, into another drive.
> I am running Ubuntu from a live version on an 8GB card.
> I have a bootable USB 16GB thumb drive that I want to make into an ISO image on /dev/sda2.
> /dev/sda2 is where my old Ubuntu lives, and I cannot boot to, as grub got messed up, and I just fixed the MBR so I could at least boot into Windows on that system.
> On a side note, I tried fixing GRUB with no luck, so I will just get a larger drive and reinstall everything, and copy out  files from that drive when I replace it.
> In the meantime, if I do get GRUB working again, this making an ISO image would be easier, because in one program I was using, it would only allow me to make an ISO of the USB drive into a directory of this live boot disk, which is only 8GB.
> The boot disk I am wanting to make a copy of is /dev/sdb
> So with DD, I tried:
> sudo dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda2/home/Downloads
> And I even tried it directly into /dev/sda2
> and I tried all commands with giving the ISO a file name at the end, like /dev/sda2/usb-image.iso
> I tried it with acetoneiso and it gave me the same errors as DD did.
> I tried k3b and genisoimage, and a couple others.
> I would even write it to a folder on /sda1 if possible, which is an NTFS partition.
> Thanks for any ideas.
> Glenn

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