Orca does not speak

Glenn / Lenny gervin at cableone.net
Sat Aug 6 01:33:51 UTC 2016

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 64 on an Intel NUC PPYH with 8GB of RAM.
I have run Ubuntu on this 15.1064 bit  already, so this should work.
I ran Orca on start up, and set up the voice like I usually do, but on okaying it, Orca shuts down, it says:
screenreader off
So I log out, and get the bongo sound, and bring up Orca in the log in window, and Orca stays on.
This is a live version on an SD card with a persistent file.
I have noticed, that when I log out, before the bongo sound, Orca says:
screenreader off
Then Orca comes on again for the log in window, and stays on.
When I log back in, there is no speech.
But that would indicate that Orca is working, but silent.
Is there a way I can make Orca louder?
If I do:
control + alt + T
and then type:
sudo speaker-test -c 2
I get the speaker test
and I end it with control + C
So I know that my system is not muted and the volume is okay when I log in.
I wonder if there is a problem with eSpeak?
One difference I did between the speech settings in the log in window, and when I was in the desktop, was that I selected U.S. English in the synth list, instead of the standard English, which I left alone for the log-in window.
Could this be a problem for eSpeak?
If I need to change that back, can someone send me the number of tabs to get to the voice selection list?
Or is there a command to setting Orca to its defaults?

I sent this problem to the Orca list, but have heard nothing there.

Thanks for any help.
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