Ubuntu Mate 15.04

Glenn / Lenny gervin at cableone.net
Sat Sep 26 22:39:48 UTC 2015

Hi all,
Just thought that I'd mention that I was pleasantly pleased with the level of accessibility in Ubuntu 15.04 Mate.
I like the way I can get to everything with alt + F1, and the way I can put items onto the desktop.
The only weaknesses so far is that I could not locate the WIFI, even after going into network, so I had to have my son click on it.
Also, it is strange the way everything says "not selected", even though it is selected.
But it is the best Ubuntu so far in my opinion.
I have it running on a thumb drive.
I hope it maintains accessibility when I am installing it from that drive.
Oh yeah, one other annoyance, I logged out and could not log back in.
I tried ubuntu in the user name field as well as trying it in the password field, and in both fields, as well as leaving them blank.
Everything on-line indicated that ubuntu in the user name field should have worked.
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