blurry view with magnification in Gnome

Milton milton at
Sat Dec 12 18:36:47 UTC 2015

Many thanks for clarification.

Op 12-12-15 om 02:02 schreef Alex ARNAUD:
> On 07/12/2015 15:10, Milton wrote:
>> Yes, I have a sighted person to test and he found it blurry at the
>> level of one line fits on the screen. So I will have some visually
>> impaired test and wait on their experiences.
>> In ubuntu 15.10 I got gnome-shell 3.16. Will the video card and the
>> screen have something to do with the blurry view?
> The algorithm used by the magnifier is not perfect zoom so when you
> increasing size the text and image can be pixelized. If you want to
> compare with Windows screen magnifier, you can compare with Windows
> built-in magnifier. ZoomText or some other screen magnifier have
> advanced algorithm that make the view on the screen very readable even
> if you zoom at 36 factor.

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