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Brendan Perrine walterorlin at gmail.com
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I don't think this is technically the correct list for this as this is 
more about acessibilty bugs in ubuntu. I know you can get user support 
for ubuntu-mate in #ubuntu-mate on irc in freenode. However I don't orca 
reads the incoming chat messages to the chanel. And this can be an 
accessbility problem to provide support. I also looked on 
lists.ubuntu.com and there was not an ubuntu-mate list there.

  To solve Glen wifi problem we need to know like the exact chipset of 
the wifi in you your usb and also helpful would be what arm version  the 
ubuntu-mate is that works and what ubuntu mate you installed. I 
overheard the rasperi pi image does not come with many kernel modules 
built in for external stuff so that might be the problem getting wifi 
working if it does not have the module built for your usb wifi. If you 
have an accessible ubuntu computer you cannot connect to wifi with if 
you install the inxi package and run inxi -n you will get the module you 
need may to build or add to the kernel for say the rasperi pi image 
unfortanetly but doing something like this may be a good way to get the 
pi flavor maker to work.

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I am running Ubuntu Mate 15.04 on a Banana PI M1, 1GB of RAM.
It runs pretty well with Orca.
Only one thing so far, it connects via Ethernet cable plugged into the 
router, but will not connect via WIFI.
I have a Belkin USB WIFI dongle, which works in pretty much anything 
else I have ever used it on.
When I go to system, preferences, Internet, and networks,
it only shows the LAN.
I tried adding the wireless by hand, and I'm sure I got everything in 
right, but it still will not connect.
I go to the terminal and run:
and it tells me
no wireless extensions
on all the items it scanned.
I hope someone has some ideas to get it going.

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