how to get Orca to speak in lightdm

Milton milton at
Wed Apr 29 08:02:51 UTC 2015

dpkg -l|grep lxdm gave no results.
To make sure I did
sudo apt-get purge lubuntu-desktop
and reinstall ubuntu-desktop
lightdm is still installed and again I did
sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
But still no talking login screen. I set my laptop to automatically 
login so when my wife wants to use her account I then change for another 
user in de system menu.

Op 28-04-15 om 10:13 schreef B. Henry:
> I almost nevr install via the software center, so do not know commands for checking dependencies from there.
> I'd make sure that I removed the extra packages . In a terminal or console run apt-cache depends lubuntu-desktop or what ever the original thing
> you installed was called. You can pipe the output to a textfile for later use.
> Then see if you still have any of those deps installed, but as far as I know what you want to get rid of is  lxdm.
> dpkg -l|grep lxdm
> and see if it returns anything II means that a given pkg is installed.
> sudo apt-get purge for anything lubuntu specific to remove...
> Then reconfigure lightdm. Actually, it may have been removed as a conflicting package when you installed lubuntu stuff, so use dpkg -l to see if you
> have it still, and if not reinstall it. I hope nothing else required by  a standard unity install was removed.
> It's worth checking log files to see exactly what was done if you still have trouble.

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