ubuntu 14.04 and firefox accessibility

Rob Whyte fudge at thefudge.net
Tue Mar 4 19:59:55 UTC 2014

the problem has been resolved and pretty sure was to do with gtk support
with Orca.


On 05/03/14 00:43, Jonathan Nadeau wrote:
> Hello list,
> I know 14.04 is still in beta but I installed it and found this problem.
> Everything seems to work fine but the only problem is that firefox isn't
> accessible with Orca. once I open firefox Orca stops speaking. Orca
> works on the desktop and with other applications but not Firefox. This
> problem happened quite a few releases ago and I'm assuming this is the
> same problem. i can't remember the command that fixed it it was
> something to do with gconftool-2 I think. If this is the problem can
> someone remind me what that command was? Thanks for your time and help.

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